Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Fear, challenge and inspiration

It is said that Moses' face always used to be radiant after his conversations with God. So much so that he had to use a veil when interacting with the Israelites thereafter. This must be in a sense true. Conversing with God, Moses must have acquired a state of sanctity that was so resplendent, not so much in the physical sense (may be also) but very vivid for anyone interacting with him. This is true of all people who really share an intimacy with God. They 'glow'!! Before such people, others still on the way or even far from it, shrink and feel 'intimidated'. It is the same when one encounters something so challenging, so demanding, so marvellous that the very sight of it is frightening. Mysterium tremendum et fascinas!

Blessed are those who transform this fright, this challenge into inspiration and embark on a journey. 'When we let our own light shine, we unconsciously or courageously give other people permission to do the same.'

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