Thursday, 30 July 2009

History of the Province 3

Some more information about the Province... (Provincial house)
  • We bought the land on which the Provincial house (and BIRDY) stands for a mere 6 lakhs from the Archdiocese. The construction cost of the Provincial house was just 75 lakhs! It was all done through the help of Mr Anwar and his father.
  • Call it coincidence or divine intercession: Right when the construction work was on in full swing, in walked a government official demanding to see the documents. The documents were then still with Mr Anwar and his family. So he immediately ordered all work to stop and told the Salesians to come to his office, produce the documents and clear all official matters before continuing the work. What he didn't say and all that he meant was that his palm was dry and had to be greased!!! Having barked orders he merely walked out of the gate (the compound wall and gate were already in place) and was knocked down by a four-wheeler - he broke his legs! That was the last any one saw of him!!
  • The first bore that we drilled for water was a failure (between BIRDY and the compound wall along the gate-side road). The next one brought forth lots of water (near the Sisters compound, in the garden).
  • Most of the electricity load was borne by the generator, which is still in perfect working condition (15 years). It was only when we got the permission to set up a transformer (paying 2 lakhs) near our gate (not private, but for public use) that the generator had some relief!

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