Monday, 20 July 2009

Kollapur and Kurnool

Just back from Kurnool (via Kollapur)!! My maiden visit to these communities! Some of my views about this two day trip:
  • First time, after years I saw SPARROWS... quite a few of them.
  • At Kollapur where we celebrated the Holy Eucharist in the small church along with the children it was a delight! There were some 50 small boarding children who were herded into the church. Most of them were below 11 years of age. I was all the while 'distracted' by these fellows: the smallest two of the group were lost in their own world (a world much bigger than where they presently were!), one or two managed to inch closer to the door and sneak out when the warden was 'distracted' in prayer, another couple or more were pulled up for fighting during the offertory... but the most surprising thing I noticed was that some of these boys were 'assisting' the others to sit quiet and pay attention to the Mass. They were not bossing over, just friendly help and guidance. It was very surprising to me ('cos not even in the Philosophate have I seen such brotherly assistance among the confreres, especially among peers).
  • The place Kollapur, is a whole 'kingdom' given on a platter - nothing much to lose in carrying forward that school. But however, good to go slow. Study it for a year and then go ahead with full gusto.
  • Kurnool is another mighty big infrastructure. Plenty of land, good buildings (with the old ones, still intact). But a waste of resources. Practically three-fourth of the mighty place is lying idle.
  • The Shelter home coming up in Kurnool is a very lovely one. Though only the structure is ready (finishing to be done), the odd shape of the land has been put to maximum use and the building looks really good.
Reflections about this trip, later...

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