Thursday, 9 July 2009

Life is better with challenges!

I spent practically the whole day editing the Province directory... such a pain it is!! Every time you go through it, there is something that needs correction, verification, confirmation, rectification...! However much you do, there will always be something that will stick out as a blunder! Anyway, I know no better way to do this than this hard way... and so let it be!

There were moments when I said (in exasperation), "to hell with it all!" But exactly those times I remembered what I told the first year students at Karunapuram while taking 'Introduction to Philosophy': The fact that some questions elude answers, is no excuse to stop looking for one! No one stops wearing clothes or footwear just because they will get dirty or wear out. Life carries on, and what thrill if everything was clear, easy and always available. Life carries on but what makes it worth living is the amount of effort we put in to make it worth every bit of it - possible or impossible, is no reason to waste time!

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