Sunday, 5 July 2009

Love strengthens...

Today evening I had to rush to the hospital (once again) to check on one of our staff members who met with an accident along with his would-be! They were on their way back from the city in a shared auto when the auto rammed into a road divider and she was badly injured due to the shattered glass of the auto. She received nearly 12 stitches on her face!!! When I reached with a couple of other staff members in the evening, the guy was sitting outside the room where she was being 'stitched up' and wailing away!! He had nothing to complain about his injuries - in fact he had none!! I first thought that it must be out of real love for her. But I sincerely had my doubts the way that guy was behaving. The best part was, that she while being attended upon was trying to calm him!

I lost my mind after a couple of minutes and went up to him and asked him, "What's wrong with you? Why are you crying? Just shut up and get out of the place!" I asked Raju (our receptionist) to take him out of the room altogether. Even later when I met the doctor and spoke with him about the extent of injury and other precautions, this guy was always trying to sneak in and cry! At one moment I sternly commanded him to sit quiet and not make another sound!

I know that love is a very strong emotion. It makes people do all sort of crazy and weird things. But I also very firmly believe that love is very strengthening and supportive. Especially in moments like these, we need to stand by and support one and another, not act like sissies! I hope both these young people learn from this experience and not rush into marriage now. I fear she would end up looking after him and she'd have no one to support her truly!

Perhaps, this is what Paul meant this morning... when I am weak then I am strong. I am strengthened because the One who loves me is my support. But if the one whom I love is so weak that seeing my weakness, he/she collapses, then God save me!!

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