Saturday, 4 July 2009

Gospel and food

The readings of this morning still baffle me. The only connection I see is food! But that's a very silly connection! What else do I read into the readings? One states how Isaac (with the help of his mother, Rebecca) cheats Esau of his birthright and Jesus talking about fasting and feasting. Perhaps it is something like the vows that we religious are called to practice: not for their own sake (no merit whatsoever, in heaven) but for something greater. We renounce, we forgo, we sacrifice, we take 'the road less travelled' not for saying that we are great men of renunciation but to joyfully live it for Christ and His people. If the latter is missing, then we may certainly gain a lot of merit but only here on earth and that too at the cost of our true joy and effective mission. Our focus is not living the vows; they are only the means!

May be for Isaac, food was a means of achieving something that someone God wanted him to have (that I find it difficult to understand and accept, is another point for discussion!). Jesus too was 'justifying' his apostles about eating is only to say that in the context of what they were to do (or called to do), food was not the primary focus, only a means.

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