Wednesday, 26 April 2017

With our parents

When I shared the news about the blessing of our new home and all my people shifting to the new place sometime this week, a confrere of the community asked, "Your parents too?"

Well, knowing the culture of the place, I understood what he meant.  For someone back in India, I don't think there'd ever be such a question.  Here in the West, as soon as the children start to earn something on their own, they move out of the house.  The parents even if they are all by themselves manage on their own, henceforth.  I'm still to come across a large family living together. Of course, there are some who stay on with their elderly parents, mostly because they've not married themselves.  Our housekeeper Katie, understood perfectly well without telling that my whole family would be shifting and not my brother and his family alone.  She's been to India and she has noticed the care and concern we have for our parents.

I told Katie, for most of us back in India, the question of leaving our parents, especially if they are elderly or ailing all by themselves is considered almost sinful.  So if my brother is moving out, it would mean that everyone is moving out to the new home.  If my parents refused to move, I doubt my brother would ever consider shifting all by himself.  

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