Sunday, 9 April 2017

Extended daytime

Here in Chertsey (UK), not more than two months ago, it used to get dark by 4.30 pm and the street lights would come on by then.  And now?  Even at 8.30 pm it is still bright!  Even granting the change to Summer time (one hour forward), the difference of more than 3 hours stands out.  My first experience of changes in daytime was when I reached Nashik (way back in 1998). Being on the west coast of India, the sun was seen longer.  But this here is nothing compared to that.

Honestly does not make much difference for most people, I guess because life goes on by the clock rather than the sun. But I do see quite a few people take advantage of this striking extension of daytime.  It may also have to do with the fact that it is partly holiday time for schools and educational institutions, but nonetheless... there are more people out for walks, in the open places.  With the cold not that bad, the layers of clothing also have receded.  But even with this being called summer, the temperature is hardly above 20c.  That's winter in India!! 

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