Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Overcoming obstacles

One of the pitfalls people over forty fall into is thinking that it is too late. It is an old cliche but the simple fact is that it is rarely too late for anything.

Some years ago a man over sixty was offered US $ 200,000 for a restaurant-motel-service station business that he'd spent his life building up.  He turned the offer down because he loved the business and wasn't ready to retire yet.

Two years later, at age sixty-five, he was flat broke with no income to look forward to but a small Social Security check each month.  The state had built a new highway bypassing his business and he lost it.  Most people would have been crushed by such a blow, but he refused to give up.

Instead he took stock.  There was one thing he knew how to do - fry chicken.  Maybe he could sell that knowledge to others. He kissed his wife good-by and in a battered old car, with a pressure cooker and a can of specially prepared flour, set out to sell his idea to other restaurants.  It was tough going and he often slept in the care because there wasn't enough money for a hotel room.

A few years later he had built a nationwide franchised restaurant chain called Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The man was Colonel Sanders.

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