Friday, 14 April 2017

The stiff cross

Every year the veneration of the cross, on Good Friday offers me an amusing experience.  The most vivid is the one while I was in Shillong. There were thousands of people for the service in Mawlai parish. It was held in the school playground and it was packed.  When the time for the veneration of the cross came, there were several crosses that were used.  However, very many refused to budge from the line which had the biggest cross - even when there were none at the other crosses!!

Today during the kissing of the cross, one senior gentleman almost smooched the cross. Then he looked around a bit and extended his hand. Wasn't too sure if he wanted to receive a blessing or just extend a handshake.  I wasn't even sure if he was drunk or plain old age. I smiled. However, I smiled not at him but at the priest who was nearest.  I know this priest to be very strict about rules and rubrics.  He absolutely does not like changes, certainly not the last minute ones.  And while this senior person was doing all this, he was stiff - more stiff than the wooden cross he was holding!! 

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