Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Breaking laws

Laws – civil or ecclesial – rest on years of experience and wisdom. Only the one who has understood and lived the law to its fullest has the right to break it. For he has mastered the spirit and thereby found that precious thing for which the law, in the first place came into existence. The rest of us are invited to first live by the law and in the process discover the real meaning, spirit and depth, rather than reject it outright.

Humanly speaking for someone used to living by the rules is not burdensome, this logic works. But for those who perceive any rule or law as restraining and going against one's freedom, this takes time to sink.  From another perspective, any attempt to question the law need not be considered as an attempt to overthrow the law or rule.  It could be that the person questioning is only keen to really understand the law.  Thus the occasion could also be used as an opportunity to discuss the spirit of the law.  

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