Sunday, 9 April 2017


Reflection for April 10, 2017

Mary anoints the feet of Jesus. It is quite a transformation from the one who stayed back at home when her brother Lazarus died and did not go out to meet Jesus when she heard that He was coming. Only when Martha tells her that the Lord is asking for her does she go out to meet Jesus.

Most people think that to serve God is to forget about the world altogether. That primacy of God demands denial of everything else. It does not. Mary loved Jesus and she was preferred to be with Him. The earlier instance of Martha complaining that Mary wasn't helping her in serving and this particular one of her anointing his feet and then wiping them with her hair, are acts of pure concern and adoration. But her love for Jesus never stood in the way of her love and concern for her own brother Lazarus. Her mourning at his loss was so deep that she did not really take notice of Jesus' arrival, until Jesus himself calls her.

Our relationship with God never diminishes or distracts us from the need of our neighbours. If at all, it only makes us more sensitive and involved in the lives of those around us.

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