Wednesday, 19 April 2017

News - Reality - inverted

Ever wondered why our news bulletins or newspapers begin with the most sensational 'bad' news?  Not just sensational but it has to be serious, mostly bordering shock and surprise, not pleasant, almost always about politics... All those events which do not qualify with the above characteristics are either not considered news or at the most given some page 12 corner space or the last one line announcement before the weather report.  And if it is a really really good act of some individual affecting someone's life in a very meaningful manner, and if at all the editors decide to air it, or print, it would be a once-a-way exception to conclude the news bulletin - "Oh, so cute and fuzzy!"

Well, one might say that it is how it has always been.  However, news is not merely about what happens, but how what happens is presented to have happened.  Most of what we hear, see, read and come across in our 'official' news channels is all coloured, biased and filtered.  No doubts about that. But why has it to be always so depressing and worrying.  Makes the world, the reality, as a whole, appear so.  Where is the balancing and good-will factor that overweighs it all?  Media not only presents reality, it builds reality in our minds.

Imagine a news bulletin which begins with the heroic, meaningful acts of some individual or a group, which positively alters the lives of others, either individually or in large numbers. Imagine if the depressing and shocking news is offered as a tailpiece.  What if the paradigm is inverted? Imagine what news reporters and journalists would then be after.  What would be the focus of the camera lens and the pen of a journalist?  Would it also not be the focus of the viewer, the reader and the consumer?  

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