Saturday, 8 April 2017

My stand?

Palm Sunday

Of the large group of people that welcome Jesus into Jerusalem for the feast there would certainly be present also for the scene where Pilate offers the choice: Jesus or Barabbas.  And perhaps some of the same people who acclaim Jesus as the king, later bay for His blood.

A mob is fickle-minded. It does not have a stand of its own.  It is swayed by a few who wield the power of attraction. Most often a society is nothing but a mob, with most people either being bystanders or sitting on the fence.

Where do I stand? Among the few who manipulate the crowd for my own selfish plans? Or the few who inspire and lead others in the right direction? Or am I one among the spine-less persons with no standing of my own, willing to be swept off my feet by the first attractive idea I hear?

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