Monday, 3 April 2017

The Father's commandment

Reflection for April 4, 2017: I say and do only what the Father has told me to

All of us seek name and fame, in our own subtle ways. That is human tendency. There is nothing evil about it. However, as humans we really do not need all of it! We often forget that we are not called to be the sun, giving out light to the world. We are rather called to be reflectors of the sun spreading light to the dark corners of the world and peoples lives. Jesus Himself shows us the way when he openly admits that He is merely following the Father's commandment. All His words and actions that drew attention to Himself, He used it all to build the Kingdom. In this Kingdom, the light already exists; one is merely called to be reflectors of that light or atleast transparent enough for that light to shine through us.

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