Saturday, 29 April 2017

The Holy Mass

Reflection for April 30 (Emmaus experience)

Wearied by our daily work, responsibilities, anxieties and tension, the Eucharist offers us an 'Emmaus experience'. In the Eucharist we hear His word and share His Bread. Just like the two disciples who forget all their sorrow and distress, we too are energized when we celebrate the Eucharist, irrespective of our vocation.

Reading and listening to the Gospel and choosing to partake in the Holy Eucharist are ways of saying to the Lord “Stay with us!” The act of sharing our faith with our brethren, like the two disciples, is what builds up the community, where we strengthen one another and build the Kingdom of God. The Mass thus becomes a personal spiritual revitaliser, a fellowship with others and an act of building God's Kingdom. The Mass thereby offers us a holistic revival package: spiritual, psychological, relational (personal and communitarian).

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