Monday, 17 April 2017

Left of the road

In some parts of England there are elections coming up, mostly local councils I believe.  Luckily, there are no flex boards put up on every turn and post or mass rallies taken out.  However, there are leaflets delivered by hand in everyone's postbox.  These flyers also list the priority areas that would be taken up for betterment by respective candidates or parties.  In one of these I found a particular person campaigning for better roads.  Really!??
By any comparison, with roads back at home in India, roads here in the UK are near perfect. So when this particular campaign stresses on the need to repair roads, I'm totally lost.  However, the leaflet also carried an interesting statement:
In ____ we do not drive on the left of the road but on what's left of the road! 
I guess if this were in an Indian context, it would be
Road? Where's it?  

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