Friday, 21 April 2017

Feasting on hunger

I distinctly remember the first retreat that I attended.  It was during my school days.  Well, I remember it not because of any spiritual or divine experience, but for a very very particular habit that I learnt.

As it is, vegetables were not a favourite at home.  I did eat some but some type of vegetables no one at home liked. Brinjals were on the top of that list.  And so we never had brinjals cooked at home.  Well, back to the retreat.  The day we began, we had some light breakfast some prayer in the morning and then for lunch, guess what did we have? Brinjal curry!  I looked around and everyone was having a real feast. I for one, decided to give it a miss.  So I did not eat anything that noon.  Then post-lunch we had some activities and even a round of games.  By the end of the day I was tired... and hungry.  And what were we served for supper? Brinjal, again!!  By that time, I was so hungry that out went my resolution not to eat brinjals.  I just ate... and it was good. From that day on, there is nothing that I really desist.  I do have likes and preferences but not any food item that I will say a categorical 'no' to.

With all the hunger and need for food that I've seen, everytime I come across food being wasted, it churns my stomach. That experience that day, taught me never ever to desist any food.

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