Sunday, 9 April 2017

Palm Sunday procession

This morning's Palm Sunday liturgy began in the Savio centre, behind the church and then a short procession leading into the church from the main entrance.  Neither was there a sermon after the gospel.  Much much shorter and simpler than any of the services that I've ever attended.

However, what kept me thinking was the interesting conversation I couldn't but overhear between a father and son all along the 3-5 mins of procession.  The son was about 8 years old and found all of this new and odd. So began...
Why are we not in church today?
Where are we going?
What's this leaf for?
Why are we walking in silence? 
Of course, as the father patiently and very softly answered all his questions in the most sensible manner he could so as to help his small boy understand, the questions kept on coming in quick succession.
Jesus walked this way? Around the Church like us?
But why did he walk here?
Was he alone? 
In all, it was a good occasion for me to reflect upon some of these simple questions rather than be sentimental about the whole process.

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