Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Peace: Trust in the Father

Reflection for April 20

“Peace be with you...”

Jesus' repeated salutation after His resurrection: 'Peace be with you'. Given what those close to Him have gone through and are still going through, this greeting seems a bit odd. They are not troubled but sad. They grieve his absence but are not agitated. And to that add the fright of seeing a 'ghost'! Why peace then? Perhaps the way Jesus lived His life holds the key.

Jesus was always tranquil and serene. Never too excited about anything or too depressed. There was a sense of balance and equilibrium, not only in His actions but in His words and thoughts too. Even in the garden of Gethsemane when very well aware of what lay before Him, He did not lose it. His trust in the Father was so great that He knew it would all be fine. Peace is what fills ones heart when there is an underlying trust that no matter what and how things appear on the surface, there is a foundation that stands strong. No matter how sad, stressful, uncertain and hopeless the present moment seems, the Father will take care. He is at work and therefore I can rest

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