Sunday, 9 April 2017

Salesian gardens

Have been working in our garden for the past couple of days and am surprised at some of the plants I noticed. Of course, earlier they were all either underground (bulbs) or as dry as a bone!  However, with the spring they are all taking their colours and shapes and they look lovely!

True to our address 'Salesian Gardens'...
 This one has some sort of light purple flowers.  Didn't notice them till I went close by!

 This one is a creeper and has just started flowering.  

This one is really strange! Its flower is as green as its leaves! It clearly gets camouflaged in its surroundings.

The following plant itself stands out when viewed in the continuity of other green plants. It has bright purple flowers.
 This one too looks great.  The whole plant stands out as its leaves are thin and almost bright red in colour.
 These blue bells look good but the creeper is a real pest! Plan to get rid of it altogether!  Not only is it spread all along the fence but has weaved itself through every flowerpot.  Yes, literally weaved itself through quite a few flower pots - from underneath and once grown, through the bottom of another!!
  And as always is the case, the best flowers are growing not in the garden but on the pavement outside the garden... like this one below!
But I still haven't got a clue as to which of these plants is a weed and which is a real garden plant, for even weeds flower, and some of them are beautiful! 

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