Sunday, 28 August 2011

Master of my choices: myself!

All the three readings of the day, I believe are the source of the following quotation of St Augustine:
God who created you without you, will not save you without you.
I really do not know in what context Augustine uses this statement but for me, it is a living testament of what God wants of me: my whole hearted cooperation and not just subservience or in other words, God lets me choose Him (with the inbuilt option of even rejecting Him).

The first reading begins thus:
You seduced me, O Lord, and I let myself be seduced.
Most often we get stuck to the first part of the quote. We say, "God you do what you want to do." It is never a willing conscious acceptance to work with God. It is a passive resignation to His will. It may do good, because God in His greatness can bring about wonders. But if only we add our two pence to it. If only we consciously make a choice and say, "God you do what you want to do with me because that is what I wish, that is what I'm happy to do." Then we see miracles being performed at every breath.

He floods me with a million options every moment of my life and in no way compels me to pick one of His choice - He only offers me advice and indicators. The choice is totally mine and mine alone. And the greatness of my God: He keeps offering me these choices no matter what. Even when I consciously do not opt for His suggestions, He is with me. That's why I love Him, adore Him and pray nothing but this: That I discern His will rightly and have the courage to follow it through, no matter what.

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