Sunday, 7 August 2011

Interacting with young people

This evening there were youngsters from the neighbouring village in the Seminary for a volleyball match with the Brothers. It was good to see them, since a couple of them were small boys when I was here earlier for my Practical training in the year 2000 and these were among the most mischevious who would often end up sitting on either side of my door for me to observe them all the while. They remember me well and still the same! However I thought there would be many more since I know well that the village has nearly 60 young boys - youngsters and not kids.

The game of volleyball was very much one-sided as they dominated the game from the beginning. Not that they were good but that they were certainly better than the Brothers. After the game, I spent quite a bit of time talking to them about various things. Among them, recalling the past times when they learnt volleyball here in the seminary, the mischief they used to play when they were small, the Brothers who passed out of this institute and were involved in their village for ministry or who taught them during the evening study... and I also challenged them to ask themselves what they do other than play cricket and volleyball. I could do this with ease and get them to listen and discuss with them. I wonder how many of our Brothers would have that basic skill of standing and talking to them. As far as I know, very many are as frightened as the boys themselves! However, on the outside, both the Brothers and boys want others to see them as brave and great!

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