Saturday, 13 August 2011

The thrill in life...

Last night a thought struck me: what if all politicians were sincere and committed, what if all government employees stopped taking bribes and did their work in all ernest, what if all corporates were to be a bit more humanitarian, what if all NGOs were sincere in their promise of social welfare, what if all Priests and religious were truly holy and ambassadors of God...? What if....?

At first I thought it would be great! No more confusion, cheating, corruption, scandal, mistrust... News channels and papers would be the first to be shut down! It would be, heaven - or so I thought. Then on deeper reflection, it occurred to me, that such a situation would result in a dull and drab world that every sane person would wish to commit suicide. I guess life is exciting and adventurous because of such challenges and evils - though I also grant that it could at times be treacherous and dehumanising as well. The thrill of life is in facing challenges and growing in humanity. Such a thrill would be very much missed if everything was as perfect as the situation, dreamt of above.

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