Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Claiming a master

In class this morning, while discussing about freedom and choices and the whole aspect of responsibility for our choices and the subsequent behavioural patterns, someone brought in the example of Ginger, our German Shepard. I was told that the days when I was away in Bangalore, it was totally silent. The moment I reached back, it has begun to bark and charge at everyone around. Well, I was surprised to hear that. Of course, I did notice that Ginger would get aggressive if I was around, but that it was so evident, I did not know.

I think it is basically the territorial instinct of the dog that makes it 'possessive' of whom it considers its master. Sitting whole night outside my room, it would bark at anyone who gets on to the stairs leading to the top floor. (It even charges at some of the Brothers... always the same guys!). While one the one hand, it feels good to be acknowledged by Ginger as its 'master', the other aspect of taking responsibility for it is quite a task... given the plethora of other things, I'm supposed to in charge of! Perhaps it is another one of God's plan to see me wake up in time - or rather, earlier than the Brothers - for our morning practices of piety. Well, if not for love of God, at least for the sake of the dog...!

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