Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Understanding 'creation'

Discussing with my third year students I am realising the different meanings of the word 'creation'. It was always a firm belief of mine that Evolution and Creation concepts (with regard to the world) are never at loggerheads with each other. They in fact complement each other. But now this new concept of creation that I'm grappling with throws fresh light on this 'taken-for-granted' idea.

Creation is seen more as a real dependence on God (in Philosophical terms, a total ontological dependence on God). This is seen not as a product of human hands which may or may not need its 'creator' to be around for its continued existence. It is more like the light that proceeds from a candle. The light illumines and does great things by itself, but is dependent on the candle for its existence. Besides this, the candle does not interfere with the good or bad that the light does. Creation too is like our human dependence on God. Without Him, we are in a sense, incomplete. But this does not imply that we are mere puppets in His hands. He does not interfere with our freedom.

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