Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Learning to play fair

This morning we had a fiery game of double flag. The tempers were soaring unusually high this time. But I'm glad that this was an occasion for Brothers to challenge one another on their authenticity. For me it was a good game. Brothers enjoyed it and at the same time, very many were openly challenging their own companions to play fair. This has a double effect, they themselves will ensure that others play fair and to this end, they too need to uphold the authenticity they are calling for or demanding from the others.

I know not if John Mary Vianney, the humble and silent Priest that he was, would approve of this sort of noisy game and that too vehement appeals and pleas to one another to be true to the rules of the game, but this I know: Brothers need to learn to take a stand and be true to it, come what may.

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