Thursday, 18 August 2011

Br Michael and his workshop

This afternoon I visited the MSFS motor service station in the One Town area of Vizag. I was happy to meet Br Michael, the in-charge of the place. Satyam never gets tired of singing his praises. He literally adores him. Talking to Br Michael I came to know that the workshop was started by a Swedish Brother in 1891. Today it is known all over Vizag as "Brother's Shop". Br Michael has been in the same place for the past 57 years, since 1954 when he first landed there!!! Satyam tells me that every vehicle that comes to the garage for repairs or servicing will be personally checked by Br Michael before it leaves the place. The staff of the place too has 25 to 30 years of service record. All of them vouch for and admire the dedication and simplicity of Br Michael. Perhaps his presence is the reason for the name and fame of the workshop all over the town.

I'm glad I met Br Michael. Much to learn from him!

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