Sunday, 28 August 2011

Goodness and Fidelity

Over the years I've most often heard past pupils of the Seminary rejoice and thank the community for having nurtured their talents and skills when they were pupils here. By 'talents and skills' what they mean is playing harmonium, singing, organising, playing basketball... I find myself facing this question: Is this the real thing that we taught them? Is there not anything further and deeper than this that we tried to imbibe in the students?

The sermon of Fr KT yesterday morning was quite refreshing in this light. He spoke of two necessary 'talents' in the stages of formation: goodness and fidelity. He questioned and challenged the Brothers to grow in these areas, develop these virtues: being able to discern what is good and strive for it; and once you're on the path, be faithful to it, come what may.

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