Sunday, 7 August 2011

Staying focussed on Him

The GC 26 and the documents that followed always stressed on this notion of 'Primacy of God'. I always found it a bit queer. While the rest of the Church was proclaiming a total act of surrender to God, we Salesians were only calling for 'primacy' of God - as though telling us, don't forget the rest too. The gospel of today, wherein Jesus saves the drowning Peter and whole episode of Peter trying to walk on the water, endorses the above mentioned Salesian idea - or rather, the former conforms to the Gospel message.

Human as we are, we cannot but be aware of the sea, wind, water, boat, companions aboard, the darkness and the anxiety of trying something new and unheard of. We ought to be aware of these. That's the beauty of human life. Amidst all of these is also the Lord who is present right before us. All that God expects of us, as I see it, is that we focus on Him. Not that we forget the rest of reality, but living amidst the world, we stay focussed on Him.

Furthermore, even if by chance we are so 'attracted' or distracted by all that surrounds us, we just have to call out to Him and He will extend His hand, just as He did to Peter in the Gospel.

The chances that we, religious, tend to get involved in far too many a thing than we can really handle. The Lord is only a 'part time remembrance'. I wish I could feel His presence more intensely as He truly is. Unlike Peter, I often love to get drowned and don't even feel the need to call out to Him.

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