Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Actors or Disciples

There is a very thin line dividing the actors from the disciples in the Church - for that matter, in any setting. The acid test to distinguish one from the other is suffering or trials. An actor will wriggle out of it or disown the very organisation he or she belongs to. The actor will come out clean. The genuine disciple, on the other hand, will stand his or her ground and stick to the principles and values which he or she holds dear. Great is the disciple who is willing even to give up one's life for these.

The blood of martyrs is one living proof of their love and commitment to Christ and His Church. They lived and died for a reason... a reason other than themselves. They lived and loved their life but when they found something that for which their life was demanded in return, they did not hold back their life. They risked their life, for what they believed was greater than life... love for the person of Christ and passion for His people.

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