Friday, 19 August 2011

To dream and dare

Quite for sometime now I know a 21 year old girl from one of the neighbouring villages who has come up in life, much due to her own determination and with a little help from the Seminary, much of it through the person of Fr K.T.Jose. Her name is Kamala (that's her brother in the photo with her). I spoke to her sometime ago and she narrated her life story since her school days onward. You can read more of it here. She was here this evening too to discuss with Fr K.T. about her plans to go abroad.

She is one who came up in life the hard way. Her dreams are big and she fearlessly makes an all out effort to realise them. It is rarely that one gets to see such sure and clear determination. However, I hope the others in the family and around draw inspiration from her and learn to dream and dare to live those dreams.

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