Friday, 5 August 2011

New Priests at Kondadaba

The New Priests' Day celebration today was grand and very touching... both for the community and for the 10 newly ordained who came here because they felt they owed a debt of gratitude to what this Seminary offered them in their journey towards Priesthood. They were all very appreciative of Fr KT and spoke highly of him. Though I know very well that he put some of them through some tough grinding. Not judging by the process, they are now happy with the end result. That's a real mature way of looking at things and carrying on with life. Moreover to hear glorious things of us Salesians, in comparison to the other non-Salesian formators (formation settings), was a real boost. They all unanimously agreed and proudly stated that their three years here were the best years of their formation. But for the Philosophical studies, they were willing to relive their life at Kondadaba for another three years. Besides the solemn Eucharistic celebration, felicitation, gifts, meals and the time they got to spend with their own diocesan Brothers, they appreciated the presence of the staff with them all through, even during the basketball game in the evening. They said, "You Salesians know how to get the best out of us. We in a way 'dread' your dynamic presence when with you; but will never ever forget the moments we spend with you all our life."

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