Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Anna and the Casket

The whole nation has been swept by the Anna Hazare wave. It is interesting to see how different groups are taking in this whole event. There are those of us who are just sitting and watching... and I'm sure that's the largest group. Then there are those who are doing their very best to hijack the issue for their own personal interest. However there are also those who are genuinely interested in taking the movement to its logical end and ensure that this Gandhian protest to end corruption does not gets scuttled.

While all this is on, the Salesians are busy with the casket. I wonder if any Salesian is present anywhere in the country sitting out with the people in protest or in support of this movement. Let me confess, I'm not! So I'm wondering what would have Don Bosco done in such a context? Of course, he surely and sternly did not let his boys join the political rallies and movements, but what of such social causes? Would Don Bosco not have done anything or done his bit to support this 'people's movement'?

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