Monday, 8 August 2011

Falling in order to soar

On my way back home from Peddaboddepalli where we had a great time, I was trying to recollect when was the last time I tried something totally new. Something that I was never comfortable with or never gave a thought about. I realised that over the last couple of years, I've experimented a lot. I've really pushed my comfort zones over quite a few edges. The net result has been very enriching not to say, liberating!
Why is it that the thrill of soaring has to begin with fear of falling?
True indeed, every risk is an opportunity in disguise. One never knows what great lessons and treasures lay behind things we dread trying, just out of fear... fear of nothing! A bird taking its first flight has first to fall from the nest, only then will it learn to use its wings and enjoy the thrill of soaring.

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