Thursday, 1 September 2011

At Santhapur

The adventure we had yesterday in Santhapur with our car stuck in the slush, was something wonderful. The anxiety of not making it in time for the airport so that Willy and family could take off to Mangalore added the extra flavour to the already tense moment. However here are few insights into the whole episode:
  • Thanks to those who came forward to help... in spite of the slush and dirt and all that. They were generous with their time and energy. No counting the cost. Just genuine assistance knowing that we were in a hurry and total strangers with no clue as to how to get out of the mess.
  • Thanks once again to their skill and expertise, especially their physical strength. I could not lift or push the car an inch. They did it all with ease!
  • In the initial moments, suggestions, recommendations, opinions, blame-game, alternatives to what should have been done, 'I told you before itself', ruled the roost. Till someone drove some sense into us, that the need of the hour was to get out of the slush... not create another one!
  • It gave me some precious moments to spend with Papa and Mummy later in the afternoon - even though it was outside the railway station.
  • After all my sense of work and "expertise" at working with the mud, I found myself shy and hesitant to soil my hands and clothes, till I saw Willy digging out the slush with his full-sleeved shirt buttoned to the wrist!

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