Sunday, 25 September 2011

Not just preachers but men of God

The gospel of the day, Matthew 21:28-32 (Sunday 25 September 2011) is a subtle warning for all those in public offices and authorities who think that their personal life has no bearing on their public ministry - saying one thing and doing another. That to say something in public for others has no connection whatsoever with what I do or say or believe within me. That all that matters is a grand show or an emotional drive that will sweep the 'audience' off their feet and 'make them better' while what I say and proclaim makes no impact on me at all. Least of all, I need not touched by it at all. What I say is for 'them', it does not apply to me.

I see in the Church today a great 'thirst' for preachers... even if they are not doers! The prayer of people is that Priests be men who can proclaim the Word of God eloquently... living that Word of God is not the priority. The other day there was one senior lady, very devout and simple, who praised the Brothers for having left everything and come to the service of the Church. She too wanted them all to be good preachers! Since I have a rapport with her, I sternly warned her never ever to emphasise the little, at the cost of the essential! Being smart, she understood my point: not just preachers, but men of God.

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