Monday, 12 September 2011

If I fall in love with a girl...

The following is the answer (verbatim) of one of my students - a Seminarian, studying in the second year of his course in Philosophy, unfortunately - to the question, "As a Seminarian, what would you do if you fall in love with a girl? Why?"
Suppose I have fallen love with girl as a seminarian, first and formost, I will enjoy with love. Then I will reflect and think, for valid reason. Is it good for me as a seminarian? What am I doing is correct? After reflecting if it is good to me, I will continue the love with that girl. If it is not good, I will give suggestion to her to choose one more and then I say that I am not correct suitable for you. Then, I say that we are not to be lovers, but as friends we continues. If she agrees I am so happy, if she does not, I will share with rector that depends up on the rector's decission.
The class I earlier took dealt with human sexuality and the need to have a balanced outlook to life and attitudes, especially as normal human beings who have made a choice for a particular way of life. If this were to be just one of its kind, I would not have really been perturbed but this is the general attitude among the students. They really do not see any discrepancy, whatsoever, in living on both the sides of the fence... comfortably! I'm sure it has much to do with the general trend in the Church today, where Priests (and even Bishops) are rightly accused of loose morality.

That every person however saintly he or she is, has issues to deal with is not surprising; but the inability to see what is evidently wrong and not recognise and acknowledge it in any way atleast as something odd, is alarming.

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