Sunday, 3 July 2011

Youngsters and Brothers

The Cheedivalasa volleyball team, comprising of youngsters who just completed their intermediate or degree studies gladly made a visit to the Seminary and played a match with our Brothers. The Brothers in-charge of Cheedivalasa, Peter, Anthaiah and M. Naresh did a commendable job in getting to know the youngsters and furthermore getting them over here to play a game, within three weeks of their weekend ministry. They were nearly 10 of them and they played a couple of sets. During the official game, they beat the Brothers in the first two sets straight. Fr Wilson, the Principal of the Seminary, inaugurated the game after the youngsters won the toss and choose the side first. The youngsters left the campus happy and joyful, after a drink and a bite. From the Seminary side the following Brothers played: B. Lourdhu, D. Rakesh, Y. Anil, Maria Joseph, P. James, K. Ravikanth and M. Peter. The game was refereed by G. Devaraj and K. Lourdhu.

Trust this is only the beginning of a greater and closer rapport with the youngsters of the various villages that Brothers visit on weekends. It certainly is a good sign and the next week another village team is ready to challenge the Brothers on the Cricket field.

The defeat of the Brothers was quite hard to digest for the Brothers themselves. Of course, the youngsters practice daily and know their players and game well. Our Brothers hardly know their own game and rarely play as a competitive team.

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