Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Simplicity retained...

Kalyan was here today to celebrate his first Mass here at Kondadaba. It was good to meet him again. He came along with his mother, brother and a niece. Unprepared as he usually is, he was all the same able to convey his uppermost thoughts in a simple but convinced manner during the homily. We also had the recollection in the evening... preached by Fr Balaraj OCD.

The most touching part of the celebrations today was the short sharing by Kalyan's mother after supper. There was pin-drop silence as she, in her soft voice, exhorted the Brothers to be mischievous but sincere about their Priestly life. Coming from the mouth - and heart - of a mother, it strikes far greater notes than an hour long sermon.

What struck me most today about Kalyan, was that he has retained his openness and simplicity even after all these years. He still is the same open, simple, slightly foolish but extremely large-hearted Kalyan that I knew of, from my days in Karunapuram (almost a decade ago). God bless him!

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