Sunday, 17 July 2011

Strange, illogical... but true

The readings of the day speak about the good wheat and the darnel that grows along with it. In spite of the best of means and labour, 'weeds' happen. The worst part it this: with no effort whatsoever the 'weeds' thrive better than those plants showered with utmost care. Very strange, weird, illogical... but true. The seeds sown and the saplings planted in the vegetable garden needs round the clock attention; in spite of which half of them perish. The grass on the tar road and the 'plants' in the flower garden seem immortal!

In my life too I see that in spite of my best efforts there are aspects and virtues I wish to cultivate but the seeds never sprout, or even if they sprout, I've to be always attentive and protect them. Whereas there are aspects which I wish to 'weed out' and in spite of my best efforts to eradicate them, they abound. Strange, illogical... but true!

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