Friday, 22 July 2011

Listening, understanding, reflecting...

These days I've been having a tough time getting the Brothers to rise above their lethargy and get to some serious reflection. I realise that most of them only hear but do not listen. Of those few who listen, not all understand (or may be do not want to understand). Given this situation, I am left wondering when and who at all will ever dare to take the next step: venture to reflect. And the question that haunts me most: If Brothers do not dare reflect, do not bother about thinking and questioning at least some of their own thoughts and concepts, what point is all this Philosophy for? What is left of this place to call it a Philosophate?

In my Theodicy class yesterday, after three days of intense explanation of how the whole creation narration in the book of Genesis is nothing but a mere mythical story in order to basically state what the world is all about or what is the relationship between God, man and the woman... the responses I got to my question, What does the book of Genesis speak about?
  • The genealogy of Christ (Imagine, a candidate for Priesthood saying that the book of Genesis presents the genealogy of Christ!!)
  • The origin of original sin
  • How the world was created by God
  • How did sin come into the world

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