Saturday, 16 July 2011

Paying the Price

In the past one month I've come across two instances of Brothers being packed off home for reasons as silly as personal dislikes of someone in authority - that too just one individual. It certainly seems absurd that someone not their formator, just one who meets them casually once or twice a year, can decide the fate - or fortune, as I'd see it - of a formee, based on just one interaction or discussion that must have turned sour.

Well it is not that I was not aware of this sort of 'politics' within the dioceses but this is the first time I'm seeing it for myself about a couple of my own students (past-pupils). I remember being asked about this, at times subtly, in my Philosophy classes, when speaking about freedom, decision-making and the role of authority. Very many Brothers just want to survive. I often ask them, if religious or Priestly life is worth just for survival?

I'd personally prefer to stand tall and for something noble than bend backwards to anyone who wants me to for no reason other than, personal dislike... but then, I'm also willing to pay the price for it. At the most, what price? Dismissal from the Diocese or Congregation? It's a dishonour to continue in such a place where values and principles are not upheld, neither personally nor when others let to live by them!

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