Thursday, 7 July 2011

Idling my mind

My recent misadventure (or even nightmare, to an extent) with my hp printer not responding to the linux mint programme I installed and am working with gave me a very alarming insight this morning. I have had this trouble with my printer for nearly a week or so. This has also been one of the most hectic weeks so far (which is now the normal speed of life!). Nothing I did and tried seemed to work. I always felt totally out of options. I was 'sure' there was nothing that I did not try to tide over the issue. This morning when Fr Julian offered to me another possibility to try (he has been quite patient and generous in assisting me, all this while), it immediately struck me that this is what I should have tried in the first place. It is the most obvious thing I should have done... and yet, it did not even occur to me! Having tried the suggested procedure, things are all fine now.

As I sat a while, just idling (since the Brothers are away today for an outing), to see what exactly is my problem, this is what flashed across my mind: I'm not constructively thinking. I'm mostly worrying or calculating. Rather than see and explore possibilities, I take for granted that I've tried them all. I'm running out of options precisely because I'm not giving myself any options! I'm just jumping to conclusions... perhaps because, I'm keen on 'finishing up' some more things, as soon as possible.

I ought to give myself some time and space to 'idle' my rattling mind, so that in that calm and sober state, I take sensible decisions.

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