Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A teenager's courage and patriotism

Last night, along with the participants of the Salesiana course, I watched the movie Sophie Scholl (German). Gosh, it was very touching. The movie (a true story) chronicles the last few days of a 21 year old German girl and her Brother, charged with the crime of being traitors during Hitler's regime in 1942. The acting is superb by the lead actress and the courage of a young lady and her love for her country is worth emulating. The faith dimension of this Protestant believer too is aptly portrayed. The movie ends showing her (along with the other two people) being guillotined.

As I watched this movie, the question that kept haunting me was this: Is there something for which I will stand up, even to the extent of giving up my life, as did Sophie for the good of her country? Last night itself I decided to show it to the Brothers and ask them the same question: Is there anything for which they will exhibit such courage as did this 21 year old girl? Are there values and principles for which we are ready to die?

(In the original photo, Sophie is in the middle and her brother, Hans is on her right; Christoph Probst, another one to be killed the same day for the same reasons, is on Sophie's left. Click here to read more about Sophie Scholl and the peaceful White Rose movement she was a member of as against the Nazi regime.)

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