Monday, 25 July 2011

Kill the good people

Here's Cheryl's creative idea of resurgence, rejuvenation and resurrection: Kill all the good people! The system will then collapse from within and then new life will automatically emerge. It is like when a tooth of yours is hanging on by its last thread, it is better to pull it out than wait for it to fall off. For as long as the tooth stays, the new one will not emerge and the present state is awfully painful. (That's what I'm talking of a state of affairs when it has reached its 'boiling point'.)

Now that's a possibility I never thought of. In a way, what Cheryl says is right: the good people carry the 'responsibility' of the whole society. They prevent it from coming to an end. They pour out themselves to ensure that the society carries on, they try to improve it, fighting against the current... whereas the majority of the population is out looting every bit of good ware that is available. Most are least bothered about what next or less, improving the standard of living.

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