Wednesday, 27 July 2011

At DBRC, Bangalore (Salesian Brotherhood)

I completed my sessions on the Salesian Brother at DBRC, Bangalore this morning. Frankly speaking my whole point of discussion and frame of mind was more about Salesian life as a whole rather than a minuscule of it, namely the Salesian Brother. How then did it become anything about the 'Salesian Brother'. Well, it was from my perspective as a Salesian Brother. The average age of the participants this time was certainly younger than that of the first batch that I addressed two years ago. The interaction too was good.

I really did not follow the logical systematic presentation of thoughts as I did last year. I rather let thoughts flow. However, I realise (as before) the interspersing of the conceptual presentation with personal experiences makes things more clearer and associable.

My observation that the very image of the Salesian Brother is slowly but certainly more visible and appreciated was perhaps the greatest endorsement this time round. Within the Salesian circles as well as the secular world, though not much within the Christian circles, the Salesian Brother is gaining prominence. An evident and significant reason for this is the emergence of convinced Brothers coming to the fore and taking up responsibilities with diligence and commitment. Moreover, the 'choice' for Brotherhood is no more the last of the left overs; youngsters are choosing to be Brothers with a clear mind and a joyful heart. That truly is a great sign. The rest, as I always believe, is God's business.

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