Monday, 4 July 2011

A sense of belonging

Fr Wilson's goodnight this evening was on having a sense of belonging. It could not have come from anyone with more conviction than him. He truly feels at home wherever he is. It is a great challenge to be with him, because he is fully available for the community. That he expects everyone else too to be equally generous and forthcoming is quite understandable. He's practically into everything and anything and does not mind doing any job for the well being of the community. Unfortunately Brothers often take this for granted. They think it is the way it should be... as with regards to others. When it comes to themselves, they are the least bothered about anything at all.

Something that struck me of what Fr Wilson was trying to communicate and instill in the Brothers, was the point he mentioned about the sense of belonging and a sense of satisfaction and contentment. He was right in linking these two aspects of life (one the communitarian dimension and the other the personal 'benefit' of the same).

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