Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Arriving at a consensus

Arriving at a consensus at our meetings, most of the time, can be a real pain in the ****. Positively speaking it says about the divergent and varied views the group holds. Negatively speaking it shows our inability to 'listen' and therey adopt what is best. Take for example, to arrive at a consensus facilitating a subsequent decision about replacing chicken with beef on Thursdays, takes no more than 8 seconds!! While this morning, arriving at a 'golden verse' from a set of three verses during the shared homily by the same number of people who sat for the chicken-beef meeting, took us nearly 40 minutes!

Well I'm not really one who is keen to arrive at a consensus always. What I certainly observe keenly is the way in which people put forth their ideas (some don't bother about having any... but that's a special breed!) and are willing to listen and if need by change their own or stand by their proposals. Now, that makes a very enriching experience. Believe me!

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