Monday, 11 July 2011

Smothering God

In class for the past three days, I've been trying to expose and debate the various angles of the Teleological argument of God's existence. Since I love playing the devil's advocate, I challenged the Brothers to prove me wrong about this statement: The order or design we find in the universe need not be attributed to the Necessary Being at all. It could very well have been put in place by a group of contingent beings who pool their resources to come up with a plan/design (may not be as good or great as that of the Necessary Being, but one that is worth it).

The Brothers are uneasy about this. They are convinced that God is the Intelligent designer... but have no proofs nor are they willing to look for some! They are quite happy to hold that contingent beings (perhaps a combination of human beings and those more than the human beings) can never be the ones to introduce the order in the universe. I want them to think down-top but they are happily perched on the top. God save Himself from them!

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